Jaycee Goes to the Beach

Title of Book: Jaycee Goes to the Beach

Time length to read: 4-6 min

Age recommended: 5-9

Author: Lindsay Pikovsky & Alisa Feltzin

Illustrator: Lindsay Pikovsky

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Best place to purchase: Affiliate link: Amazon (Click word for direct link)

Price: FREE for Kindle Unlimited, $9.95 (paperback)


New day, new book!

Today I bring you a cute new book about one of my favorite animals, dogs! Jaycee Goes to the Beach, by Lindsay Pivovsky & Alisa Yeltsin, is about a cute dog named Jaycee, who goes to the beach one day with her friend Benny and his owner, Sam. They have a blast at the beach and do everything from playing in the sand to swimming in the ocean. Then all the sudden, Jaycee and Benny hear a cry for help. It turns out it is a little girl in the ocean who is having trouble swimming. They race to help her and are able to safely get her out of the water. In turn she and her parents are extremely grateful and award Jaycee and Benny little necklaces for their bravery. They even eventually have a little statue of Jaycee, Benny and the little girl they saved built on the beach so everyone can see and remember how their day of fun turned out to be very heroic.

I really enjoyed this book. It has a very simple plot, but with children, the plots don’t need to be over exaggerated! This cute tale tells the true stories of the lives of pets and how they are very heroic, especially dogs. I have a dog myself; a German Shepherd named Tank. After reading this book, it totally reminded me of Tank and how he would do the same thing. :) After reading this book you will probably want to head to the beach yourself! That sounds so nice right now, especially in mid winter. 😉

The illustrations are simple as well, they look like they were colored with crayon, but displayed each page of the book very well.

So if you are looking for a simple cute book with a heroic story of two dogs, check this one out!

Till next time!


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    • I know right? When I get a review request for a picture book and it’s about Dogs, I’m like…ok, I already know it’s a good one. :)

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