Little Golden Books-With Gymboree!

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Today’s post is a little different than the usual, but with an awesome reason! Storytime Books has always been geared towards children’s literature, so I am excited to share with you all a product that features just that. So who remembers Little Golden Books? I have included a picture to the right if you don’t, but I hope you all do! I remember growing up and reading these books all the time. They definitely have lots of memories stamped in my childhood past. Well, the reason I am spotlighting them a bit is because today I am partnering with Gymboree to bring you the new baby apparel they have launched with Little Golden Books! How cute is that? I don’t have any kids yet, but let’s just say that if I did, they would definitely be wearing these for sure! To check out their new apparel below by clicking on any of the images below.

As an additional bonus for the launch of Little Golden Books baby collection, Gymboree is hosting “One Big Happy Storytime” sweepstakes, giving away everything that a family needs to make sure their story time is extra special. You can enter for the chance to win over $2,000 in prizes! This includes Little Golden Books nursery bedding and decor from The Land of Nod , a set of Little Golden Books from Random House, and a $500 gift card from Gymboree. To see the rules and to enter, go to:, or click the sweepstakes image below. You can enter now through February 29; the winners will be announced in March.

I hope you all go and check out this adorable collection if you have a baby and are a kid lit fanatic like me, it’s a must! In fact, I may get some for my future kiddies and put it into storage, they’re that adorable!

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Shop the Little Golden Books Collection at Gymboree! Shop the Little Golden Books Collection at Gymboree!
Shop the Little Golden Books Collection at Gymboree!

Enter to Win the Little Golden Books Sweepstakes at Gymboree!

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