Picture of Grace

picofgraceTitle of Book: Picture of Grace

Time length to read: 4-6 minutes

Age recommended: 5 and up

Author: Josh Armstrong

Illustrations: Taylor Bills

Best place to purchase: Amazon (Click word for direct link)

Price: $17.09 (Hardcover) $12.99 (Paperback)

It’s a new day, which means a new book! Today I’m excited to bring you this adorable book that will have you wanting to hug your loved ones. Picture of Grace, by Josh Armstrong, is about a little girl named Grace who is extremely close with her grandfather, Walt, who is a well known artist. She loves spending time with him and watching him paint. One day, she packs up to go visit him, only to be informed by her mother that Grandpa Walt had passed away. The family then goes and celebrates his life at Walt’s house, only to find a greedy business woman, who Walt had been working with, show up. She wants his final painting, although it’s unfinished. So while they all head to Walt’s art room, they find Grace finishing the painting. Grace initially thinks she ruined the painting, as the greedy woman had stated. However, after the family sees all the different and special meanings behind Walt’s painting, they see how it was a map of his life, and find it anything but ruined. Although the greedy business woman is upset that Grace had painted over it, her mother is not. Grace’s mother tells her how she actually completed the painting in the most perfect way.

I thought this book was really cute and had a good message in it. It’s so important to remember to love our family and friends, because you just never know when it may be their time to go.Another message it gives is to do what you have passion for, and to do it because you love to do it, not because it will bring you lots of money. It also gives a great meaning (with the greedy business woman) not to be obsessed with business and money. Money can never replace true happiness and the ones that you love.

The illustrations in this book, done by Taylor Bills, were very well done. There are many children’s books now who take a simpler look to them, but this one had traditional classic illustrations, which I appreciated. It takes me back to my childhood when every book used to look like a cartoon, just in paper form. Those in my opinion, are my favorite picture books.

So read this book with your children, your grandparents and parents. It is destined to become a special family read.




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