My Dream for You Is Happiness

Title of book: My Dream for You Is Happiness

Time length to read: 3-5 min

Age recommended: 3 and up

Author: Carole Ann Hausman

Illustrator: Joanne Raptis

Publisher: Hamer House Publishing

Best place to purchase: Amazon & Hamer House Books site (Click words for direct link)

Price: $12.99

This next book that I bring you today will put a smile on your face and make you happy, literally! The book, My Dream for You Is Happiness, by Carole Ann Hausman is a positive book focusing on happiness. While there is no specific plot in the book, it is more so concentrated on the message of showing kids to remain happy, even when times are hard.

I know I probably say this about almost every book lately, but this was a really good book in may opinion.  There wasn’t really a story plot like other picture books, but there was a great message. This book teaches children how important it is to be happy and even when things aren’t going right, you should always try to be happy. The book also gives many examples on different scenarios of being happy, as well as how to try and be happy when you aren’t. In a world full of so many negative things, it is good to have a book around that specifically concentrates on happiness and positivity. It is books like this that will lift children, and even adults! :)

The illustrations, done by Joanne Raptis, were superb. They have a soft water-color touch, but detailed enough to put the simple words that this book has, to life.

So if you are looking for a uplifting book for your child, or even yourself, I highly recommend you read this one! You will want to read it over and over until you are happy. :)




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