Zombie RiZing: Scared to Beath & A Fate Worse Than Beath

Title of book: Zombie RiZing: Scared to Beath & A Fate Worse Than Beath

Time length to read: varies

Age Recommended: 9 and up

Author: Matt Pike

Illustrator: Steve Grice

Best place to purchase: Amazon (Kindle) Scared to Beath & A Fate Worse Than Beath (Click words for direct link)

Price: $2.99 (Amazon Kindle)

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! What a better book today to bring you on a Friday the 13th than this one! Muahaha. 😉 Zombie RiZing: Scared to Beath & A Fate Worse Than Beath, by Matt Pike, is a middle grade reader chapter book about a girl named Elizabeth and her friends and teacher who happen to battle with…zombies. Elizabeth and her friends, along with their teacher Ms. Simmons, battle the world they know with zombies and take you on their adventures along the way. You even learn how they come up with their new names/nicknames in the books. Will these friends survive the zombie apocalypse? Read it and you shall see how they do!

When I first looked at these books, my automatic thought was The Walking Dead on AMC channel. I wasn’t too sure, thinking it was going to be a a little replica of the show. However, it wasn’t what it seemed and it really does actually take on a kids approach on how living with Zombies would be. Although I must say, I probably wouldn’t read these books to any young child, as there are some words and phrases that aren’t suited for them. I would probably recommend children 9 and up, depending on what you parent’s think. :) These books were really creative though, guiding you on adventures about these children and teacher trying to survive in the Zombie world. Actually, as I was reading them and picturing it in my head, I could see these series as like a show on cartoon network or something. Another thing I liked is that in the book, it addresses an illness called Rett Syndrome, and part of the proceeds of these book sales, go to help finding a cure for it, so it’s definitely a read for a good cause.

The illustrations, done by Steve Grice, throughout the books were really well done. They are little chapter books, so there isn’t a picture on every page. However, when there were pictures, they were very well explained and tied in to what the pic was, or what scene was going on. Once you see the illustrations, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean about seeing it as a cartoon show. 😉 I was able to read the first two books in this six part book series, so there’s definitely more to come.

My thoughts? Very creative; I think that children of the appropriate age would enjoy this book series very much. Like I said though, it’s not suited for younger children. So if you are looking for a book to take a bite out of, consider these ones…especially since there’s more to come.

For more information about the books or the author, please see the book series official site, here.

For more information about the author or Rett Syndrome, you can visit his site, here.



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