Awesome Possum Family Band

PossomTitle of book: Awesome Possum Family Band

Time length to read: 4-7 min

Age recommended: 4-8 years

Author: Jimmy Osmond

Publisher: Regnery Publishing

Best place to purchase: Amazon and iTunes (Click word for direct link)

Price: $9.99 (Kindle & iTunes) $13.18 (Amazon, Paperback)

The book I bring you today is a fun one, as it is filled with a creative storyline that does have some truth and fact in it as well.  Awesome Possum Family Band, by Jimmy Osmond, is about a family of possums that want to make it in the music industry, however, possum number nine doesn’t know his place in the band. After trying several things, possum number nine is feeling out of place. Before he can give up, mother possum gives him some words of encouragement. With this, he just starts singing to himself, and then the rest of the family finds out where their talent singer is at, in possum number nine! He then ends up becoming the singer of their band.

I thought that this book was really neat. Although the possum storyline is fictional, the plot of the story is actually true. Author Jimmy Osmond created this story based on his experience in his family band, The Osmonds. Another thing I liked about this book is it teaches children that if they can achieve anything they want, and to not give up on themselves. It also has some rhyming that goes along with the story and pages, which could be a way to help children read it.

The illustrations in the book were very colorful and creative. It will draw every child and parent to each page as they read along it.

If you are looking for a book that not only gives a little music history into it, but is also a great book with good messages in it, I would check it out. I definitely would say this book is “awesome possum!” :)




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