Granpa Guff: The Accidental Astronaut

Title of Book: Granpa Guff

Time length to read: Varies (Middle grade chapter book)

Age recommend: 9 and up

Author: G. Guff

Illustrator: Azahar López de los Monteros Giner

Publisher: Fort Guff Press

Best place to purchase: Smashwords or Amazon (Click words for links)

Price: $4.83 (Kindle version) $18.00 (Paperback) $4.97 (Smashwords)

Today I am excited to share a book with you all that is out of this world, literally! The book Granpa Guff: The Accidental Astronaut, by G. Guff, is about two young boys and their Grandpa. While sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge, stuck in traffic during a bad storm, Grandpa Guff decides to tell his grandsons about the story of how he once traveled on a N.A.S.A rocket ship, and the crazy adventure he has while on the trip. From barking Mexican spiders, eating tubes of food paste, to traveling to mars. This book is filled with adventures that will wanting to have your read the next chapter instantly.

G. Guff does an excellent job of portraying the two grandsons reaction to his story while it was being told. The detail in his writing makes it very easy for readers to picture the story. Also, the book has some pictures in it, which visually help portray the story itself. This book is a great read for parents who are reading to their kids, or children around ages 9 and up who are looking for a comical chapter book that will keep them laughing till the end. The illustrations, done by Azahar López de los Monteros Giner, are very detailed and the colors match the  various situations in the story perfectly. says “This book is filled with animated drawings and lots of imagination.  You will have to read to see if Granpa gets untied and NASA saves the ship, or if the spiders take over and things don’t go so well.”

So if you are looking for a great middle grade chapter book that will take you to adventures and beyond, I would recommend this read. You’ll find yourself laughing along the journey, as Granpa Guff ventures off to into space.

I had a chance to do an author interview with Granpa Guff himself. Get to  know him in the interview below. I hope you all enjoy!

Author Interview with Granpa Guff:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well…. I am the oldest and some say the grumpiest living resident of Fort Guff, Guff County, Guffsylvania, the only state that has been completely forgotten and dare we say ignored, due to fighting against both the North and the South in the Civil war.

I cannot remember how old I am as my birth certificate was destroyed in the great courthouse fire of 19 something or other. I have lived and worked all across the country and visited every continent on this planet. I was the first man to walk on Mars although NASA continues to deny it.

What do you do when you are not writing?

As the founder and President of the #RacconsOutNow movement, I am always on the Twitter, drumming up support and tirelessly fighting the good fight for a critter free America. You may also find me on Pinterest, Facebook and WordPress.

I keep busy with practical jokes on my neighbour although, he is prone to retaliate, still… it keeps life interesting, Fort Guff can be a mite sleepy at times.

At the weekends, I tend to spend time cleaning up after my grankids in the kitchen, watching movies and reading, we also take time to work on projects together. Some of them are even successful.
 What inspired you to write your first book?

A discussion regarding what type of sauce goes on what type of pasta, sounds crazy, but it’s true.
How did you come up with the title?

Through what can only be described as an almost fatal case of exasperation and alliteration.
Where do you get your ideas?

I like to think that the poet Ted Hughes put it far more eloquently than I ever could in his poem called “The Thought Fox”.
Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

Reading can be fun and should be practiced in an enjoyable way together with parents and grandparents until all these falling literacy levels we keep hearing about start rising again. Catch them when they are young with funny and imaginative stories and you’ll convert them into readers for life. Also stay away from Mexican Barking Spiders, no matter what, do not let them get within a country mile of your person.


What books have most influenced your life most?

Well, I suppose there are three if truth be told: My mother’s old cookery book, she could only read the pictures and not the text underneath so, we had to learn to read pretty quick, before we all starved to death. The telephone book and the yellow pages as we used to stand on it to access the cookie jar on the top shelf.

Finally I suppose I’d have to say the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, for too many reasons to list here.


Do you have any advice for other writers?

Write, rewrite and write again, accept the rejections and keep going, never, ever, ever give up, no manuscript should die dusty and alone underneath your bed.


 Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you all for your kind words and gracious emails and please do keep sending the cookies.


Stay tuned for more books from this old guffer and his grankids in 2013.





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