Abe Lincoln’s Dream

Abe Lincoln's DreamTitle of Book: Abe Lincoln’s Dream

Time length to read: 4-6 min

Age recommend: 5 and up

Author/Illustrator: Lane Smith

Published by: Roaring Book Press

Best place to purchase: Barnes & Noble Website, Nook, and Kindle

Price: $12.13 (Barnes & Noble) $9.99 (Nook & Kindle Editions)

Have you ever thought and wondered what the people of the past would of thought of the world today? Well, in this upcoming book I’m sharing with you all, it has just that scenario. Abe Lincoln’s Dream, by Lane Smith, is about a young girl who is touring The White House with her class; she wanders away from the tour only to stumble across a ghostly President Lincoln. As the young girl starts talking to him, she discovers he has been a worried about things he didn’t do after he left his life. To make him feel better, the young girl insists on showing him what has happened in the country since he left. She shows him around to many different places, including Mount Rushmore and the flag on the moon. After seeing all that has been accomplished since his departure, the ghostly President Lincoln feels much more assured.

This book is such a great one because it teaches children a little bit about history and the many things that have happened in history. It also shows them how far we have come as the years pass. The illustrations, also done by Smith, are one word, incredible. The pen and ink drawings on each page give a historic, vintage feel to the story. The different sizes and fonts used in the book as well are sure to catch readers eyes and having them wanting to keep on reading the book. School Library Journal says “The dark palette and parchmentlike background give the book a traditional feel, but Smith adds a sense of whimsy through his creative use of fonts and the witty tone of the narrative.”

If you are looking for a good fun book, with a bit of history in it, I would highly recommend this book. It’s the perfect twist of creative storytelling and education all wrapped up in one.

Want to see a preview of this book? Check out the video below.




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