The Insomniacs

Title of Book: The Insomniacs

Time length to read: 4-5 min.

Age recommend: 3 and up

Author: Karina Wolf

Illustrator: Brothers Hilts

Published by: Penguin/Putnam

Best place to purchase: Amazon and Barnes & Noble Websites

Price: $12.13  (Amazon and Barnes & Noble site) $10.99 (Nook Edition)

Have you ever had that night where you felt like you couldn’t sleep no matter what you did, and felt like you were an insomniac? Well, in this book, that is exactly how the Insomniac family feels. When Mrs. Insomniac gets a new job, and they pack up and move “twelve time zones” away, they find themselves awake at night and unable to sleep. The only time they find that they can sleep is in the daytime. Due to their new sleep schedules, they find themselves very bored at night. So, they decide to venture out at night and find that there is much life around while the world is asleep.

This book is great, because it shows kids that you can make a hard situation into a good one. The illustrations , done by Brothers Hilts, are simply magnificent. The pencil work and dark blue colors really bring the situation of the Insomniacs to life and make night time seem like an adventure.  The Booklist says “The grainy, deeply shaded blue-and-black palette is beautifully illuminated by lanterns, the moon, creatures’ eyes, and other things that glow. . . . The characters, with their dark-rimmed eyes and spindly limbs, resemble nonscary Tim Burton creations and will speak to those who prefer their bedtime stories on the magical dark side.”

So if you are looking for a bedtime book that will stand out, I would definitely check this book out. It is one that could become a bed time story favorite.

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