Baby Bear Sees Blue

Title of Book: Baby Bear Sees Blue

Time length to read: 3-4 min.

Age recommend: 2 and up

Author/Illustrator: Ashley Wolff

Published by: Beach Lane/Simon & Schuster

Best place to purchase:

Price: $11.55 (Hardcover) $10.97 (Kindle Edition)

I got this picture book as a recommendation from a fellow book blogger friend and absolutely loved it. The book Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff, is about a cute little cub bear that learns about it’s nature surroundings from it’s mama bear. As the baby cub wakes up for the day, it sees many different and colorful things. He asks mama bear what they each are, and each time he sees how they are different colors. From the brown fish, to the butterfly, to the blue bird.

This book is a great one for kids that are also learning about their surroundings, especially things in nature. Kirkus Reviews says “Curious Baby Bear is 100-percent toddler, and Wolff skillfully captures both the bear-ish (the mother’s prodigious claws and small, lipid brown eyes) and the human (smiles, tender looks and, well, dialogue). Small children notice small things, and plenty of tiny creatures—grasshopper, frog, mouse and more—await their discovery.”

The illustrations, also done by Ashley Wolff, are brightly colored and lit up to perfectly describe the different colors and objects being portrayed throughout the story. The illustrations also do a great job at showing the face expressions of the baby cub and mama bear.

So whether you are mama bear or a cub at heart looking for a new family favorite book, I would highly recommend this book. It will have you seeing the beauty that learning can bring.




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