Turkey Pox

Time length to read: 4-5 min

Age recommend: 4 and up

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Illustrator: Dorothy Donahue

Published by: Albert Whitman & Company

Best place to purchase: Barnes & Noble Website

Price:  $30.00 (Price higher because book is out of print)

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner here in the United States, I have decided to share a Thanksgiving book with you all. The book is called Turkey Pox by Laurie Halse Anderson. In this book, a young girl named Charity could not be more excited to go see her Nana for Thanksgiving with her entire family. She even waits patiently for her whole family to finish getting ready, while she is all ready to go. On the way to her Nana’s however, they discover Charity has the chicken pox. With that, the whole family turns the car around and goes back home since Charity is sick. Charity is really bummed that because of her chicken pox, she won’t be able to see her Nana or have the traditional Thanksgiving like she was hoping for. Just when the day seems ruined, they hear a car pull up. It’s Nana with the Turkey and gravy. Looks like if she couldn’t come to Thanksgiving, then Thanksgiving would come to her! Her Nana continues to tell Charity that she doesn’t have the chicken pox, but the turkey pox. Confused by what her Nana said, her Nana tells her to look under the cover of the pan where the turkey is. Sure enough, the turkey is covered with little cherries all over it. The turkey pox!

This is such a great book for anyone who loves Thanksgiving and getting together with their family on that day. It shows children that just when a holiday can seem ruined for whatever reason, it can take a turn around and become a great holiday! It even has a great ending when Charity’s Nana makes her feel better by showing the cherries “turkey pox” on the turkey to make Charity feel better. The illustrations done by, Dorothy Donahue, are creative and colorful. They express the story through the expressions of the characters, as well as the setting. Gabriele Kupitz from Children’s book and Play Review says “This is a feel good book for all families who wrestle with illness and disappointement on important family holidays. The vibrant watercolor and colored pencil illustrations illuminate the sparse, but wonderfully descriptive text.”

So, looking for a great Thanksgiving holiday read for your child? I would highly recommend this book. It could become a book that you’ll want to read your child when Thanksgiving comes around.



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