Duck, Duck, Goose

Title of Book: Duck, Duck, Goose

Time length to read: 4-5 min

Age recommend: 3 and up

Author/Illustrator: Tad Hills

Published by: Schwartz & Wade

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Price:  $10.87

Duck, Duck, Goose! That phrase has always only been known as a favorite child hood game right? Not exactly. In this great Duck and Goose series, Tad Hills brings life to a duck and a goose, who happen to be the best of friends. Duck and Goose are always having many adventures together, just the two of them…until a new friend tags along. That friend is another Duck named Thistle. When Duck brings Thistle along to meet Goose, Thistle quickly becomes the center of attention. No matter what Goose tries to do, it seems like Thistle always tries to be the best at everything. With Goose feeling left out, he leaves the two ducks to themselves. Soon after, Duck realizes that his friend Goose is not with them anymore, and sets off to find Goose.

This is the perfect book for any child who has the same kind of situation as Goose, where they are sharing a friend and start to get jealous. It teaches children that even though new friends may come into the picture, they never take place of the friendship you had before. It also teaches children how to treat new friends, and that being the center of attention at everything isn’t always the best thing. Amy Brozio-Adams from says “The dialogue is funny and true — Hills’ characters say what kids would probably be thinking (“Nice to meet you, Thistle,” Goose honked. “How long is she staying?” he whispered to Duck.”). The characters’ emotions shine through, in picture as well as dialogue, from Thistle’s boundless confidence to Goose’s indifference to Thistle’s antics to Duck’s tempering of his enthusiasm after Thistle’s attitude toward Goose.”

The Illustrations, also done by Tad Hills, is beautifully done in oil paints. The paints help bring the book to life and really opens up the scenery for the characters. The way the characters are portrayed are cute and creative and will have children wanting to see Duck and Goose again and again. So if you are looking for plenty of adventure and lessons to be learned, check out Duck, Duck, Goose!

The fun with Duck and Goose doesn’t stop here. They have many more adventures in different book series. To find them, you can search “Duck and Goose” on the internet, or look for them at your local library or bookstore.




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