Where’s Waldo Now?

Title of Book: Where’s Waldo Now?

Time length to read: N/A

Age recommend: 5 and up

Published by: Candlewick Press

Best place to purchase: Valorebooks.com

Price:  $3.98

I recently visited my parent’s house and upon my visit I stumbled across and old favorite childhood book. That book was Where’s Waldo Now? by Martin Handford. There are many books to these series of Where’s Waldo? so it was difficult to choose just one. These books are some of the best children’s look and find books. I remember looking through these books over and over when I was a child. If you have never heard of these series, they are look and find book where you search for a guy named Waldo. You can usually find him in a striped red and white shirt and matching cap. However, that doesn’t make it necessarily easy to find him. Handford has filled this book with many creatures, and people on different pages, which make it a bit of a hunt to find Waldo. The illustration, which is also the work of Martin Handford, doesn’t dissapoint. You can tell he took great time to make every detail in every little person/creature count in this book. This book will teach help your child notice detail and help them in their “finding” skills. Bethany W. from Goodreads.com says “I remember getting Where’s Waldo books from book orders in elementary school. They would keep me busy for hours. I would notice all the details on the people surrounding Waldo. These boooks helped me to be observant and notice everything about the pictures.” These picture books may not be full of writing, but the pictures are what tells the stories as you hunt down for Waldo. So if you are looking for a good “Look and Find” book, I would highly recommend these books. I know they have a place in my childhood memories.



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  1. I am visiting your blog because I have seen your great comments on other blogs!!! Plus then I saw that you have Waldo on your page. I absolutely LOVE LOVE Waldo. I talk about him all the time!!!


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