Harry & Hopper

Title of Book: Harry & Hopper

Time length to read: 4-5 min

Age recommend: 5-8

Published by: Macmillan Publishers

Best place to purchase: Amazon.com

Price: $5.95 (Paperback) $14.59 (Hardcover)

The next book I’m about to share with you all is indeed a touching one. The book is called Harry & Hopper by Margaret Wild. This book is about a little boy named Harry and his dog Hopper. Harry gets Hopper as a puppy and since that day, they are practically inseperable. Then one day, Harry comes home from school and learns from his father that Hopper had passed away after an accident. Harry is very saddened and confused by the news and doesn’t wish to believe it’s true. Instead of sleeping in his bed, he sleeps on the sofa. That night, Harry dreams that Hopper comes back, and is filled with happiness as he plays with his dog once more. He continues these dreams, until Harry is ready to say goodbye to Hopper.

As sad as this book is, I think it sends a comforting message to children who have ever lost a pet. It tells them that they don’t have to say goodbye right away, and that it’s ok to grieve over a pet for a while. The illustrations, which are done by Freya Blackwood, have the perfect blend of color and sketching. When I look at the illustrations, it’s like I am looking at a whole bunch of vintage photographs that tell Harry and Hopper’s story. Susan Whelan from readingupsidedown.com says “It is a beautifully told story ideal for helping children to understand the process of grieving and perhaps helping them to open up if they are struggling to deal with the loss of a loved pet themselves.” So yes, this book is a bittersweet book; but with a good message. If you or your child has ever lost a pet, I would recommend checking this book out. It may find you and your child comfort.




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