The Kissing Hand

Title of Book: The Kissing Hand

Time length to read: 4-5 min

Age recommend: 4 and up

Best place to purchase:

Price: $8.36 (Paperback)

While I was on my Twitter page a few days ago, I came across the Publishing Company, Tanglewood Press. I told them about my book blog, and they said they would love to hear what I thought of their books! So with that being said, I checked out some of their children’s books. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult to choose just one because there were many that caught my eye. However, the book that stood out to me at the time was The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. This story is about a cute little raccoon named Chester, and his fear of going to school. His mother comforts him by telling him about the kissing hand. She kisses chester’s hand and tells him that if he feels lonely or scared while he’s away, he can hold his hand up to his cheek and know that his mother loves him. This book is a great example for children who are getting ready for their very first day of school. It will give them comfort knowing they are truly not alone. Jamie from says “Such an adorable little story! I think this is a great idea to keep children from being afraid when they are away from their loved ones.” This book has also been a New York Times #1 Best Seller with more than a million copies sold. I would highly suggest this book to children starting kindergarten, or any child having the first day of school jitters.  I know it’s one that I will be reading to my child on their first day of school. Two thumbs up!



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4 thoughts on “The Kissing Hand

  1. The Chester Raccoon books are wonderful teaching tools! My daughter’s preschool actually uses The Kissing Hand on the first week of school. They each decorate their own Kissing Hand for a bulletin board, and then read the book in class.

    Another Audrey Penn I recommend is The Miracle Jar: A Hannukah Story.

  2. I was reading your blog and my daughter happened to see this book. She got all excited and said, “That’s the book my teacher read to me the first day of school! I liked it!” Now she’s all interested in your blog and she’s only 5! :)

  3. Haha that’s great to hear! When I read your comment, it didn’t surprise me. I’ve heard this book is read in schools everywhere because it’s such a good “first day of school” book. I’m glad to have a five year old fan already! She’ll have to give me recommendations on good books!

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