Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 3: What does blogging mean to you?

What does blogging mean to me? Hmm…if I say everything, will that count? Well…maybe that’s going over the top, but blogging does mean a lot to me, especially lately. Here’s a little history on this blog. I started this blog back in 2010 as a project for one my college classes. So I wrote in it every week just like we were supposed to, and had fun writing in it every time. As the class ended and I eventually graduated, this blog collected some dust as I forgot about it. Then back in May of this year, I remembered my little book blog I did for college and decided to take a look into it again. Just scrolling through all the previous posts I had done a couple years back made me miss it. So I decided to bring it back to life. In May, I wrote a new post for my blog. However, that didn’t necessarily revive it. Since I work full-time, it gets kind of difficult to find time to write in it. So after May, it started collecting more dust.

Early this month however, I stumbled upon my sad little neglected blog again. This time I had a feeling of urgency to start writing again and take it more seriously, so I did. I started writing new posts on children’s books and I even started a twitter for my blog. Things started taking off from there. Because of Twitter, I found out about the Book Blogger Appreciation Week and was opened up to a whole world of book bloggers. I have recently connected with many book bloggers, authors, and publishers because of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week as well as social media sites. Blogging makes me so happy, I can’t even describe it in words. Writing has always been something that’s been a love of mine, which is why I got my Bachelor’s degree in English.  I’m so excited to continue to write in this blog as I hunt for great children’s books to share with you all. Also, the thought of someone deciding to read a book because they saw my review for it on my blog gives me happy thoughts. So thank you, all of you. To all my new followers, fellow bloggers, wonderful publishers and friends. Also a BIG special thank you to my wonderful husband and family, who have supported me in continuing my children’s book blog. I look forward to many years and many books to come, and reading many posts of my fellow bloggers! So cheers to the years ahead, I promise, no more dust will be collecting on this blog. :)

9 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 3: What does blogging mean to you?

  1. Great story! I hope you will find the time and opportunity to continue to work on your blog. It’s such a great hobby!

    If you want to connect with more bloggers, maybe you could join Bookjourney’s It’s Monday! meme. Every Monday bloggers connect up to tell what they’ve been reading that week. There is a special link for people who have YA or kids blogs. I join this meme every week myself (though not in the kids section) and it’s a great way to “meet” new people.

    • Thanks, I think I’m going to continue, especially since finding all these great bloggers in this blogging community. Thanks for the info on the book jouney blog! I will for sure check it out, sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  2. I wish you luck in reviving your blog! I’ve seen lots of blogs come and go. It’s hard to get back in the habit after a long break but, as you’ve said, it’s so rewarding that it’s worth it if you have the time! Have a great BBAW week!

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