Heckedy Peg

This book is a classic; not just because it is a book that I have read many times while growing up, but because of the memories it creates and the message it portrays. If you are heading to your local library anytime soon, I highly suggest this book. The book is called Heckedy Peg, by Audrey Wood. Just to give you a little summary of the book; the story is based on a mother and her seven children. Their names are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. One day the mother goes to the market and tells them they can have one item if they are good, so the children ask their mother for different things. So while off to the market, their mother tells them to not talk to strangers and to be good. So who should appear while their mother is away except a wicked witch named Heckedy Peg. She see the children in the cottage and tells them to let her in to light her pipe. Children being children, they do so, and are all turned into different kinds of food. After that, they are taken back to Heckedy Peg’s house…. so there is your summary. A little of leaving you on the edge, but trust me, it is worth getting the book to find out what happens. Does the mother find her kids and safely get them back? Or will they remain as food?  This book will leave you full of memories and several good messages that are shown throughout the book. So what are you waiting for? Go get it! :)

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