Miss Nelson is Missing!

At some point in our lives, we all get tired of school and teachers right? Well, the children in this next book sure feels like they are tired of it. Today’s book that I decided to write about is: Miss Nelson is Missing! by, Harry Allard and Illustrated by James Marshall. The story begins with Miss Nelson; a sweet teacher, and one of the nicest teachers within the school. However, as nice as she is, the children in her class sure don’t appreciate her. With the kids constantly out of control, Miss Nelson decides to take a little “vacation.” While she is on vacation a mean substitute is put into Miss Nelson’s place. After a few days with this new evil substitute, the children start to miss Miss Nelson and would give anything to have her back. This is a great book if you are a teacher or parent because it will show your child appreciation for teachers and adults. Not only that, it’s a classic to be remembered for years. Read it! I know you’ll like it.

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