Green Eggs and Ham

So tonight I made a dinner I didn’t think would taste good. It was terriyaki chicken, and considering I’m not the best cook yet, I had no urge to try it. My husband always tells me to try cooking, so that was my attempt. Now was the test; I didn’t cook this meal just to look at it, so I decided to test my new dinner creation. To my surprise, it wasn’t that bad at all. It probably needed a little spicing up, but considering it was one of my first times making it, it was delicious.  You’re probably all wondering what my dinner story has to do with my next book post…well it has to do with everything. This story reminded me of one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, Green Eggs and Ham.

This is such a good children’s story because of the creative characters (Sam I am, and the unamed character who refuses to try the food), and because of the message it gives to children. It teaches children to never judge anything before you eat it. Some foods may look odd or weird to children, however, by making them taste it, it gives them the chance to see how good it could be. Now, that isn’t the case with all foods, but it sure does teaches children a good lesson about not being picky eaters about something you have never eaten, and only seen. My parents read this story to me many times as a child, and it really did help me understand that interesting looking foods may not be so bad. In fact, there were sometimes I wanted my parents to make green eggs and ham just so I could taste the food that was in that Dr. Seuss book. Anyways, if any of you have children that are picky eaters, read them this book. I know it will get them thinking about the weird looking foods.







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