The Big Book of Hugs: A Barkley the Bear Story

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Title of Book: The Big Book of Hugs: A Barkley the Bear Story

Time length to read: 3-6 min

Age recommended:  6-9 yrs old

Author: Nick Ortner & Alison Taylor

Illustrator: Michelle Polizzi

Publisher: Hay House

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Price: $9.17 (Kindle) $9.65 (Hardcover)

Loves and Hugs are in the air! Well…ok, maybe they were yesterday because it was Valentines Day! I hope you all had a great one! Since it is only the day after Valentines, I thought it’d still be a good one to share in honor of yesterday. :) The Big Book of Hugs: A Barkley the Bear Story, by Nick Ortner & Alison Taylor, is about a bear named Barkley who learns from his Papa Bear, the importance of hugs and the many ways you can give them. Barkley had just celebrated his birthday and was finally old enough to continue the tradition his family had of giving out hugs.

This book is a really cute book with a lot of positive and important messages in it. Not only does it teach children about the importance of hugging, it shows the many different ways you can give hugs, depending on the scenario. It even shows what you can do when you can tell someone doesn’t want a hug, which is definitely another important thing to know.

The illustrations were excellent in my opinion. It had that watercolor type of approach with very detailed drawings of all the animals in the story, as well as the different hugs they were portraying.

So if you are looking for a positive, uplifting book for your child or just a kid lit lover like yourself, this is one to check out. Hopefully it will have you hugging your friends and family a little more often! :)

Till next time!