Bike on Bear!

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Title of Book: Bike on, Bear!

Time length to read: 4-6 min

Age recommended: 4 and up

Author: Cynthea Liu

Illustrator: Kristyna Litten

Publisher: Aladdin

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Price: $10.99 (Kindle) $16.29 (Hardcover)

Did you ever have a time where you tried something new and no matter how hard you tried to master it after practicing, it seemed impossible? Well, that is exactly how Bear feels in this book I bring you today. Bike on, Bear! by Cynthia Liu, is about a little bear who starts to learn to ride a bike. After many attempts though, he just can’t seem to get the hang of riding it. So he goes to the library to study more about riding a bike. However, he still has no luck and starts to think he’ll never master it. Then one day at the park, he notices a goat “kid” calling for help, as he is starting to fly away with his kite after some wind picks up. So, bear swings into action and without thinking about it really, hops on a bike to hurry and save the goat kid. Without realizing it, he just rode the bike and finally mastered it. Sometimes when were not concentrating on mastering the new thing we’re trying, is when we truly master it.

This book was really cute and has such a great positive message that can be directed towards children and even adults. There are several children who probably face the same thoughts when learning to ride a bike, and bike on bear will give them the positivity to keep going. It is also said about mastering other things down the road. From learning to drive, or learning a sport, this book will give you encouragement during those frustrating learning moments. I also enjoyed the positivity throughout the book. In the book, bear’s friends always keep encouraging him and telling him he’ll get the hang of it, despite him being frustrated. That is such an important message to kids as well, to show that if you see a friend struggling with something, help lift them up!

The illustrations, done by Kristyna Litten, were very cute and definitely matched the story to the imaginative setting it gives. It’s very colorful and vibrant. It looks like a cute cartoon show you might see on television.

My recommendation? Check out this book! It’s has everything a good picture book can offer :)

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One Gorilla: A Counting Book

One Gorilla: A Counting BookTitle of Book: One Gorilla: A Counting Book

Time length to read: 2-4 min

Age recommend: 2-7

Author/Illustrator: Anthony Browne

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Best place to purchase: Barnes & Noble Website

Price: $12.76

If you have ever wanted a good beginning counting book for your toddler/child, then you’ll want to check out this book I am featuring today. One Gorilla: A Counting Book, by Anthony Browne, is a picture book that takes counting to very colorful heights. The book goes through a series primates, and states what the animal is and then it shows how many animals are in the picture. While this book may sound very simple wording wise, it is the illustrations that make it fun. The beautiful and captivating colors that Browne puts into this book will have children wanting to count over and over with the different kind of primates. This is a perfect book if you are trying to teach your child how to count, and how to read beggining words and stories.

Kristi Elle Jemtegaard from the Washington Post says “It is difficult — possibly impossible — to remember a recent counting book that has clambered up out of the slough of “useful” into the rarefied strata of “stunning” and “memorable.” Hats off to Anthony Browne for creating “One Gorilla.” Set against stark white backgrounds, the inhabitants of each page function exactly as objects in a counting book are required to do: 1 gorilla gives way to 2 orangutans, 3 chimpanzees and so on up to 10 lemurs. Stripped of their natural habitats and artfully grouped, they are extraordinarily easy to count. The numerals that appear on each left-hand page are big, bold and colorful, standard components that reinforce the book’s utilitarian status.”

So if you are looking for a great counting book that will capture your children’s imagination as they learn, I’d highly recommend this book. You will find them wanting to count with the story over and over again.




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