The Jellyfish Monster

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Title of Book: The Jellyfish Monster

Time length to read: varies (early reader chapter book)

Age recommended: 7 and up

Author: Bryan Kwasnik

Illustrator: Jackie Hahn

Publisher: Mascot Books

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Hey everyone!

How is the weather where you all are at? I hope it’s nice and sunny! The weather over here is still very wintery, but with lots of grey skies and fog. So, let’s just say that I am ready for spring and summer and the warm weather! With that, today I bring you a book that will have you thinking good weather vibes. The Jellyfish Monster, by Bryan Kwasnik, is about a young boy and his brief adventure with a Jellyfish monster under the sea. The boy’s name is Billy, and one day while at the beach with his family, Billy discovers a spiral seashell, which he thinks is a seashell or something. After digging, he discovers that the “seashell” ends up being a jellyfish monster. Taken back and a little frightened at first, he soon discovers that the monster isn’t there to hurt him. Instead, it places him in a bubble and takes him down into the sea on an adventure. From shark races, to an entire city under the sea, this book is filled with a sea full of adventures!

When you first read the title, it kind of throws you off. So, I expected the “Jellyfish Monster” to be, well…a scary monster! :) However, that’s the exact opposite of this book. The monster ends up being a friend who takes him and shows him the world of the ocean below and things aren’t exactly what Billy had thought they were. He even makes some new friends along the way. This early reader chapter book is a great book for children who are starting to read chapter books. It is a great adventure book, that has a few pictures here and there, but also forces the reader to use their imagination.

The illustrations, done by Jackie Hahn, were black and white in the book and were very simple; but in a good way. They help clarify those scenes where you may be wondering what the scenario might look like. It definitely helps you picture the adventure in your mind.

My thoughts? This is a great read for the mind of an adventurer. It has a cute plot with twists and turns and even a happy ending. So if you are looking for a great early reader chapter book, check this one out. And yes, this book also makes me want to go to the beach too! Summer please get here! 😉

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