The Pirate Train

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Title of Book: The Pirate Train

Time length to read: 2-4 min

Age recommended: 4 and up

Author: Nicole Plyler Fisk & Jack Fisk

Illustrator: Chad Vivas

Publisher: Grog Blossom Press

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Price: Amazon- $12.59 (paperback) The Pirate Train Website- $13.82 (paperback)

Ahoy Mateys! To bad it isn’t pirate talking day, arr but even though it’s not, I’m posting a book on pirates anyways! 😉 Did you like the rhyming? Hey, I gotta get into character for this book! 😉 The Pirate Train, by Nicole Plyler Fisk & Jack Fisk, is about a family of pirates who change homes from a pirate ship, to a pirate train. When a pirate family discovers that their son pirate boy ends up being seasick from the ship, they make the decision to find another way of transportation; a pirate train. Pirate sister isn’t thrilled about the move at first, but after a discovery or two about the train, they learn that living in a pirate train is just as much fun as a ship. That, and the most important thing is that they are together as a family.

This book was incredibly adorable. The book has a rhyming consistency throughout the story, and usually these kinds of rhyming get old, but this one way creatively thought out and carried out with the story perfectly. It also gave a great message to readers that no matter where you move, as long as your family is with you, that is all that matters. I love the importance it gave to the family. There are not many books anymore that state that as a message within the book, so I really enjoyed that. The imagination that the story puts into place is great as well. I mean, what kid doesn’t like a picture book on pirates! :)

The illustrations, done by Chad Vivas, really brought the story to life, in my opinion. They were very colorful and looked like something from a cartoon show.

So my opinion mateys? Go check out this book! It’s really cute for young kids, or the pirate kid lit person, such as yourself. :)

Till the next one!