ATTENTION: Storytime Books is in transition!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I’d better write a quick post to let you all know what is going on, in case you see weird things happening on the site within the next week. I originally started Storytime Books on, as it was a project for a college class. Over five years later, it has grown into a well known Children’s Book Review blog and I am so pleased for all my followers, Authors, Publishers, email subscribers and everyone who just checks in now and then. Thank you for your continued support.

With this being the new year, I feel like I am ready to take Storytime Books to the next level and transition it for to a self-hosted site. This transition will happen within this upcoming week. I am hoping the transition is smooth and easy, but just in case you see anything weird, or if the site may one day look like it’s not of the normal or under construction a little…it’s because, it is! I will update you all in a new post once the transition is complete. I am excited for this new phase of Storytime Books. I am also hoping to have a new design for Storytime Books later this year, so I can’t wait for you all to see that.

Anyways, I thought I should give you all a heads up. Until the transition is done, I may not be posting new reviews. This should be a  few days to a week at the most I am hoping. Just know though, that it’s very temporary and we should be back up and running really soon! Thanks again for all your support and we’ll see you when our site is transitioned!

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