Stories of Kye: Kye from Galloway

Title of book: Stories of Kye: Kye from Galloway

Time length to read: 3-6 minutes

Age Recommended: 6-8 years old

Author/Illustrator: Andra De Bondt

Best place to purchase: iTunes App Store  and Amazon (Kindle) (Click words for direct link)

Price: Free (iTunes) $0.99 (Amazon Kindle)

Hello everyone! With a new week, comes a new book! The book I am brining you today is actually a virtual e-book through the iPad. Stories of Key: Kye from Galloway, by Andra De Bondt, is about a royal cat named Kye. That’s right, you read that right, a royal cat, that lives in a palace with his family in Galloway castle in a kingdom called Faraway. In this story, Kye must get the help of his friend, Princess Butterfly, in order to receive some magical boots that will help him. But with only so much time till the boots disappear, will Princess Butterfly get them in time? Read it to find out and see! :)

Honestly, when I heard that this book was an iPad 3-D book, I was very curious about it. I have never read or seen a virtual 3-D book, so I was anxious to check it out. All I can say was that it didn’t disappoint; in fact, it was actually really cool. Whenever you would tilt the screen of the iPad, you could definitely see the 3-D effect that it had with the story. Not only that, but this story has an option narration option, in case you just want to sit back and enjoy the book. The illustrations, also done by Andra De Bondt, were very interesting to me when I first saw them. As I kept reading and turning the pages on my iPad though, the more creative the illustrations were to me. They were a mix of what looked like hand drawn and colored images, mixed with real looking backgrounds. It just made the story pop, especially with the 3-D effect of it all. This book is and exclusive 3-D book for the iPad. In order to view and read the book, you go to the iTunes app store and download the app, and then open it and enjoy. The book is also available through Amazon as well, for all you Kindle readers out there. I don’t think the Kindle has the option to view it as 3-D however.

I was really impressed with this book. I’m not one to ever judge a book by it’s cover, however, lets just say this one far exceeded my expectations of it. The creative story of Kye and his adventures, along with the effects, illustration, and work that went into making this iPad app book, is definitely worth a read. Want to know the best part about this book on the iTunes app store? It’s FREE! Seriously, I have had great luck in reviewing books that are free to the readers lately and let me tell you, if you want a different kind of children’s book experience, take the time to look at this.

It doesn’t end here, Kye continues with his adventures in two other book apps in the iTunes store. Those are also only $0.99 each. So have an iPad? Kids? Or maybe just an adult with a kid lit fetish like myself? Check this one out for sure! It’s definitely on my “read again” list. :)

For more information on this book, or the other adventures of Kye, check out the website here.




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