Little Rockin’ Roger and the Magic Glass Guitar

Title of book: Little Rockin’ Roger and the Magic Glass Guitar

Time length to read: 5-6 min

Age recommended: 4 and up

Author: Benjamin Moores

Publisher: Magicglassguitar Publishing

Illustrator: Valerie Bouthyette

Best place to purchase: iTunes (Click word for direct link)

Price: Free! (iTunes)

Hello all! I am excited to be back on here, bringing you more books to share with you! With that being said, what better way to ring out a new year on Storytime Books than to show you all a book that’s filled with magic and fun. Little Rockin’ Roger and the Magic Glass Guitar, by Benjamin Moores, is about a young boy named Roger and his newly discovered magic guitar. After moving into a new house with his mom, he is unsure about the house he moves into; until one day he hears music coming from the attic. After going into the attic one day, he stumbles across a beautiful glass guitar and starts playing with it. Once he starts, he notices that amazing magic and sound come from the guitar. After sitting and rockin’ with the music that the guitar brings, the sound fades from the guitar. After that experience, he can’t wait to show his mother this beautiful magic guitar he found that turns him from regular little Roger…to Little Rockin’ Roger.

When I first looked at this book, I thought it would be a little silly, magic guitars and all. However, I actually was really surprised by this book and how creative it is. The book is viewable through iTunes, and is also narrated along with sounds that go along with the book. So whether you want to read this book to your child, or just listen and look along, this is a great book for any parent and child together. The thing that also really caught my eyes throughout the whole book was the wonderful use of color in the illustrations, done by Valerie Bouthyette. When you first look at the illustrations, it just looks like a colored pencil type look to it; however, I was very impressed with the use of color in it to portray certain scenes and images. Especially the colors that portrayed the magic glass guitar. Valerie used a perfect rainbow concept to create a perfect image of a little boy’s fantasy come to life.

My only disappointment in this book? Well, there really wasn’t anything, except the end will leave you hanging wanting more! There is a hint at the end of a book saying there could be a sequel book, and I definitely think there should be. By the end of the book everyone will be wanting to know what happens with Little Rockin’ Roger…does he become a rock star with that magic guitar? Does he keep it secret, except to his mom? Only a possible sequel book could answer that question. :)

So if you are looking for a good book to view on the iPad with your kids, this would be a great one. The best part? Right now, the book is FREE! So why wouldn’t you want to get copy of this book? It’s absolutely adorable in my opinion. :)

For more information about the author, or the book, you can visit Little Rockin’ Roger’s website here.




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