Finding Fuzzy: A You-Decide Tale of a Lost Friend

Title of book: Finding Fuzzy: A You-Decide Tale of a Lost Friend

Time length to read: Varies

Age recommended: 5-9 yrs

Author: Cat Michaels

Illustrator: Irene A. Jahns

Publisher: 2101 Ink

Best place to purchase: Amazon (Click word for direct link)

Price: $5.86 (Paperback) 

It’s that time again! Well, at least where I live it is…back to school! As I drive by, all the school zone areas are full of kids as they head back to school. So as I was reading today’s book I am sharing with you today, I thought that this book is perfect to share since it’s that back to school time. Finding Fuzzy: A You-Decide Tale of a Lost Friend, by Cat Michaels, is about a little girl named Jenna who goes on a vacation with her family to a beach coast. And who does she take with her on her vacation? Why, her plush rabbit named Fuzzy. She is sure her and Fuzzy will have the best time on vacation. But her vacation takes a turn when she loses Fuzzy. When she does find Fuzzy, she discovers that a cat and her kittens have been using Fuzzy as warm place to stay. So…what happens to the rest of the story? It’s up to you! In the book, there are a couple pages where the reader can write their own ending to what happens, if Jenna decides to take him home or to leave him with the kittens.

I honestly was impressed with this book more than I thought I would be. The whole twist of letting the reader decide what happens to the story was a nice little twist that was put in there. It gives the reader a chance to write their own ending, and it helps children with their creativity, writing and thinking skills. Another neat feature with this book is that within it is a reading assistant’s guide. This helps if the child is not reading the book alone, and is reading with a teacher/parent/reading assistant. This section gives some different ways that they can help the reader write and come up with their own endings. A very creative thing to have in the book! I think this is the most hands on educational book that I have read so far, and the reader can be happy as well because the ending to the book is the way they think it should end.

The illustrations, done by Irene Jahns, are perfect for the book. Since the book it set on the scenery of a beach atmosphere, Jahns gives it exactly that. The book had a lot of water color and colored pencil kind of look which is what a lot of beach type paintings have in them, which is why I thought it was perfect, in my opinion.

So, if you are looking for a perfect back to school book for your child, I would recommend checking this one out for sure! It’s a reading adventure and educational helpful book all bundled into one. :)

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