Rescue Pups: The Adventures of Maxwell and Kota

Authors, Lindsay and Bonnie. And the Rescue Pups Kota and Maxwell.

Title Of Book: Rescue Pups: The Adventures of Maxwell and Kota

Time length to read: 6-9 min

Age recommend: 2-8

Authors: Bonnie Bentley & Lindsay Gamache

Illustrator: Kimberly Soderberg

Publisher: BEB, LLC Repetoire Films

Best place to purchase: Kitereaders Website (click word for direct link)

Price: $1.99(Amazon Kindle) $2.99 (ITunes iBooks) $2.99 (Barnes & Noble Nook)

Hey everyone! Today I bring you a cute book about two dogs that is not to disappoint. Rescue Pups: The Adventures of Maxwell and Kota, by Bonnie Bentley & Lindsay Gamache is about a dog named Kota, who feels lonely and out of place after he moves into a neighborhood with dogs that won’t befriend him because he doesn’t know where he is from since he was adopted by his owner. Feeling like he isn’t going to be accepted by any of the dogs or make any friends, Kota all the sudden finds another dog on the other side of the fence. At first, he’s hesitant, not knowing if this dog will reject his friendship as well. However, after talking to the dog named Maxwell, he finds out that like Kota, he was rescued and adopted by his owner as well. The two dogs end up being friends and even start to help another dog when she gets caught in the fence. This is just the beginning of the adventures that lie ahead for the rescue pups, Maxwell and Kota.

My thoughts…..I really loved this book! I am a total dog person, so any children books that are about dogs I’m a sucker for, but I really liked this book because of how well it was done. This book is an e-book, and I got the book through the ITunes iBookstore. It was really cool because they have also made it a narrative story. So you and your child can read the book together, or you can listen to narration version of the book, which includes voiceovers for the dogs, and sounds that match the scenes perfect. I liked the messages that the book portrayed. I felt like it portrayed a lesson of how we need to try to be friends to everyone, no matter what their circumstance may be. I also liked the message of working as a team that it had, and to always help others when they are in need. The illustrations, done by Kimberly Soderberg, were very colorful and well done. They fit the descriptions of the story perfectly and really helped set each scene of the story.

I would definitely recommend this book to parents, teachers, dog book lovers and just picture book lovers in general. It will make you want to keep tagging along with the future adventures of the Rescue Pups Maxwell and Kota




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