Emma and the Princess

Title Of Book: Emma and the Princess

Time length to read: 3-5 min

Age recommend: 3 and up

Author/Illustator: Peter Steinberg

Best place to purchase: Amazon (click word for direct link)

Price: $5.99 (kindle book)


Today I bring you a very cute kindle book! So all you kindle readers out there looking to add a great children’s story to your collection, you may want to check this one out. :) Emma and the Princess, by Peter Steinberg, is about a little girl named Emma who finds during bedtime that she can’t sleep. In search of adventure, she looks out the window to the castle in their village and wonders if a Princess still lives there. So with her red cape, sword and shield, she wanders out to the village searching to see if the Princess is still in the castle. When she enters the castle, she finds the Princess is indeed there and learns that an evil goblin has been going around stealing things. The Princess’ crown,  a golden pretzel, are just a couple of the things the goblin took. Emma then sets off to find the Goblin, and to get the things back which he has stolen. Will she be successful in finding the goblin and getting back the things he has stolen from the Princess and the people in the village? Check out this book and find out!

When I first looked at this book, I already knew I was going to like it. The illustrations, also done by the author Peter Steinberg, were very colorful, but simple, and very inviting. It looked like something you would see on a children’s cartoon show. The illustrations were very well done to match the story, and displayed every scene perfectly. The story itself was very creative. You do not find very many stories where the little girl is the one that wants to be the hero and save the day. I found that it sends a very good message to children that you can be anything you want to be, and to not let your fears hold you back.

So if you are looking for a great book for your kids that is on the kindle, this would be one of the books I highly recommend you check out. It is the perfect story to tell your kids right before they go to sleep.




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