Windy & Whirly

Title of Book: Windy & Whirly

Time length to read: 4-6 min

Age recommend: 4 and up

Author: Lisa Owen

Illustrator: CJ Milam

Publisher: Alpha Wolf Publishing

Best place to purchase: Lisa Owen herself:, Amazon & Alpha Wolf Publishing  (click words for direct link)

Price: $2.99 (kindle edition) $7.91 (Amazon) $12.99 (Alpha Wolf Publishing) *If you purchase through Lisa Owen herself through the email provided above, you get a 20% discount! :)

Today I am excited to bring you a book that we can all relate to: laundry days. Ever have those days where you don’t feel like doing laundry? Well, this book is here to change that. This story brings you behind the scenes of laundry, with a story of a washer and dryer. Windy and Whirly, by Lisa Owen, is about a dryer named Windy and a washer named Whirly. These two friends have been together since the beginning and every day they wait and hope to find good owners that would take them home where they could prove their skills. Then the day comes where a man and woman named Mr. and Mrs. Owen decide to buy the two friends. They take them to their home where Windy looks over next to her and her friend Whirly is not there. She gets worried and saddened that Whirly did not get bought with her. However, all turns out to be well after they move Windy to Mr. and Mrs. Owen’s new home where Windy sees Whirly and they are set up together side by side, washing and drying friends forever.

I loved this book! It definitely takes a different approach on laundry by showing the perspective of the washer and dryer. This book is great for kids because it shows them the bonds of friendship and it also will give them the curiosity of the machines behind the clean clothes they get. The wording and storytelling is very creative and well put together. The illustrations are amazing! They are very bright and colorful and go along with the storytelling very well. They automatically draw the readers eye to each and every page.

This book will have parents and children wanting to read this cute story over again and again. Don’t be surprised if kids are wanting to do laundry with parents more often to check out their own Windy and Whirly. :)

So if you are looking for a great book that will take doing the laundry to new heights, then I would highly recommend reading this book. I agree with the quote on the back of the book cover: “Laundry day will never be the same!”

I was able to do an author interview with the author, Lisa Owen. Check out my interview with her below!

Author Interview with Lisa Owen

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. I made my way to Charleston, West Virginia in the 1990’s where I married the man of my dreams and had two wonderful children.

What do you do when you are not writing?

I work in the legal field and love to spend quality time with my family and friends. We enjoy anything outdoors. When we can escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply relax, we enjoy spending time in New Port, Rhode Island, and Gloucester, Mass.

What inspired you to write your first book?

Even though I have always loved writing, especially children’s books, I would have to say it was Darren, my husband, that inspired my first book. He is so funny, so supportive and always so encouraging.

Where do you get your ideas?

I would have to say from the charm of everyday life. Simply being around people, my family and children, as well as meeting new people and experiencing new things. I love to meet and talk to people. I find every person’s life very interesting and inspiring. Just simple little things will spark ideas. My children are like that as well. I am always taken back by the thoughts and ideas they have, they are amazing and creative people.

Do you have advice for other writers?

Write and keep writing daily! Every person is a storyteller, whether they write the story down or verbalize it with expression. Everyone has a creative, artistic and intellectual side with a story tell. The story may be their own, someone they know or simply the unseen of one they dream of.

What books have most influenced you life most?

There are some of my favorite books: Wuthering Heights, Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, Pride and Prejudice, Positive Thinking Every Day, and Living the Creative Life.

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