Lil’ Lingo Meets the King

Title of Book: Lil’ Lingo Meets the King

Time length to read: 4-5 min

Age recommend: 5 and up

Author/Illustrator: Jori Sams

Publisher: Writeious Books

Best place to purchase: Writeious Books or Amazon (click words for direct link)

Price: Ranging from $2.99 to $5.00

Do you ever have days where you are reading a book and the next minute find yourself in the book realistically? Well in this book, a little girl named lil’ lingo finds herself in the same situation. Lil’ Lingo starts reading a book, when she finds herself drawn into the book itself. She is in a kingdom full of mountains, windy roads and a little village. That’s not all though, she ends up meeting a bird dove named Friedee. Friedee tells Lil’ Lingo about the castle and the king and directs her to the castle. Before she knows it, Lil’ Lingo meets the King and feels like she is right at home as the King welcomes her into his castle to stay, and then…she wakes up. Before just thinking everything is all a dream she finds a little clue on her bookmark, to make her think that maybe things aren’t always as they seem.

This was a really cute book filled with a lot of imagination and reality at the same time. I think all of us find ourselves in that position where we feel like we are in the book, and Jori Sams has a very good way of showing that in this book. It gives children the idea to reach beyond imagination. The colorful illustrations, also done by Jori Sams, are very colorful, and depict the scenes of the story well. Another cool thing about this book is that there are more adventures, and this e-book series is also available as a bilingual book.

So if you are looking for a cute book filled with color and imagination, I’ d recommend checking this one out. It will leave you wanting to dive into your imagination.

To learn more about the author, check out the website of Writeious Books.





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