The Dog Who Belonged To No One

Title of Book: The Dog Who Belonged To No One

Time length to read: 4-5 min.

Age recommend: 3 and up

Author: Amy Hest

Illustrated by: Amy Bates

Published by: Abrams Books For Young Readers

Best place to purchase:

Price: $12.60 (Hardcover)

This next book I’m about to share with you all is a good one! The Dog Who Belonged to No One, by Amy Hest, is about a little dog who is living life as a stray; though he imagines a life with a friend. At the same time, a “wisp of a girl” named Lia, is also one that longs for a friend as well. She spends most of her time on her bicycle, delivering her parent’s baked goods throughout the city. When a big snow storm comes to the town, the little dog is desperate to find shelter. He sees a lighted porch and figures that’s the place to go. In the mean time, Lia, is trying to ride her bicycle home in the storm. When she returns home, she finds the dog on the porch. She takes him in and before long, the dog and Lia become the best of friends. They now belong to each other.

I really liked this story because it shows the great friendship a pet can have with someone. It also shows that just when you are feeling alone and without a friend, one can show up unexpectedly. Ian Chipman from Booklist says “Throughout the book, the little pup is irresistibly, almost heartbreakingly cute—too cute to stay unloved for long. The lesson, that you may not know you’re
missing something until you find it, makes this simple and eloquent story especially suitable for children who hold out hope for the day when that perfect dog will cross their paths and warm their own homes.”

The illustration, done by Amy Bates, is beautifully done with pencil and watercolor. It looks like you are looking at actual pictures of the past that bring these two friends together.

So if you are a pet lover, picture book lover, or just wanting to check out a great book for your children, I’d check this book out for sure. It’ll leave a warm place in your heart.



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