Title of Book: Moondogs

Time length to read: 3-4 min

Age recommend: 3 and up

Author/ Illustrator: Daniel Kirk

Published by: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Best place to purchase:

Price:  $7.95

At one time or another, I think we all wonder what lies in space. Many have said there are aliens in space, but has anyone ever considered moon dogs? Well in the book, Moondogs by Daniel Kirk, it does. A young boy named Willy has always wanted a dog. So when his Dad tells Willy they should go get a dog for him, he tells his dad he doesn’t want just any dog, he wants a moondog. He explains to his dad how he has looked through his telescope many times and that he is for sure that these moondogs exist and live on the moon. To prove his point, that night he decides to build a rocket and take off to the moon in search to find his moon dog. Along the way he finds a little stray dog that has stowed away in his rocket ship. When they reach the moon, Willy indeed finds many moondogs, however, they are all scared away when a big monster comes. When the monster takes Willy away, the stowaway stray dog comes to the rescue and scares the monster off. Willy and the moondogs all cheer on the stray dog for saving the day. It looks like the perfect dog that Willy was looking for was with him all along.

This book is a great lesson learner for any child. It teaches them that whatever they are looking for may be right in front of them all along. It also teaches a great lesson that even the most ordinary things can turn out to be the right thing for them. The Illustrations, done by Daniel Kirk, are very colorful and detailed and looks like something you would see on a cartoon show. Moe Zilla from says “The story is fun, and the illustrations do it justice – but on top of all that, it rhymes!” So if you are looking for a great new adventure with a cute story, i’d check out this book. It’s simply out of this world.




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