Thanksgiving With Me

Title of Book: Thanksgiving With Me

Time length to read: 4-5 min

Age recommend: 4 and up

Author: Margaret Willey

Illustrator: Lloyd Bloom

Published by: HarperCollins

Best place to purchase: Barnes and Noble Website

Price:  $3.45

Since Thanksgiving is only two days away here in the United States, I again have looked over another great Thanksgiving picture book. The book is called Thanksgiving With Me by Maragaret Willey. In this book, a young girl is anxious of the arrival of her uncles that are coming over for Thanksgiving. While they await their arrival, her mother tells her daughter more about each of her brothers, like their personalities and some talents. Before they know it, all the uncles show up and they all get geared up to have a great Thanksgiving.

This is a great book for any child that is excited to see their family on Thanksgiving. The plot is simple, but it helps show how much fun and anticipation waiting for Thanksgiving to begin can be. The illustrations, done by Lloyd Bloom, are colorful and bring the book to life with its detail, especially with the fall colors. A review from said “I absolutely ADORE this book! As a K-8 elementary school librarian, I love to share this book with all my classes during the Thanksgiving season. I must admit, I always get a “catch” in my throat at the last page! It reminds me of my “red-headed little brother”! Margaret Willey captures true family attachments – the attachments that last through years and miles.” So if your excited for the holiday week and are looking for a good read, i’d recommend this book. It’ll have you craving Thanksgiving dinner before you know it! :)




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