The Rainbow Fish

Title of Book: The Rainbow Fish

Author of book: Marcus Pfister         

Time length to read: 3-5 minutes

Age recommend: 4-8 years old

The book I chose for today is The Rainbow Fish.  This classic story not only provides fun colorful illustration, it gives a great moral lesson to teach children.  This story is about a rainbow fish, who just happens to be the most beautiful fish in the ocean. When his looks get to his head, he starts to lose some of his friends and other fish because of his stuck up attitude. After seeking advice from an old wise octopus, he finds himself looking in the beauty of others, and trying to bring that beauty out in them.

This book is great for teaching children to be friendly to everyone, and not judge them by how they look. PreschoolRock says “The story teaches a wonderful lesson about sharing and friendship. For preschoolers, sharing is such a struggle. Rainbow Fish helps them to understand that life is about more than the things that we own.”

This book was one of my favorites growing up. So go check it out! This just might be the book your children remember and look back on.





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