Corduroy, written by Don Freeman, is one of the world’s most famous children’s book. Not just because of the bear, but because of the memories that it puts into people’s lives. I remember having this book read to me when I was a child and I remember how special it was to me because the “importance” message it has to it. For those who haven’t read it, here is a brief summary. Corduroy is about a toy bear who sits in a toy shop, with the longing of being bought by a child to be loved and wanted. After a girl name Lisa comes in with the thought of buying him, Corduroy goes to any length so that he may be bought by the girl. Reason being is because he is missing a button on one of his overalls, making Corduroy look like a cheap toy bear.

This book is such a wonderful book with a great message. I think the message isn’t just the realization of being wanted and loved, but it’s also the message of achievement. If you really want something and work for it, you will be able to achieve it. Read this book to your child if you have children, or read it again if it is a childhood favorite. It is destined to be a favorite.

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