First post and first book

Hey Everyone,

So today is the official start of this blog. My name is Chauntelle and I am on a hunt for some of the best children’s books out there; classic books, new books, old books and fun books. I believe there are many great books out there to be discovered, and that is what  I intend to do. I am going to do my best to do some research and book hunting so I can provide all of you the best children’s books, whether you are a parent in search of good books for your child, or just a grown up child like me who loves children’s books. Anyways, now that you understand what this blog is about, let me show you the first book I have picked for the blog.

Now it is springtime within the air, and so I decided that the first book would be none other than the classic book: The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. For those of you who have not read this book, it is a must read!! I won’t spoil any books on here, but I will give a brief description. This book is about a tree that would do anything for a boy, no matter what the boy asks for, the tree does what ever he can to make the boy happy. I chose this, not only cause it’s springtime and trees are starting to blossom, but because it shows a great message to all readers. Every reader interprets this book differently, but I think there are a lot of people who would agree that this book is a classic that creates a permanent memory. So if you haven’t ever read it, or if it has been a while, try and look over this book again. I know it will be one you won’t forget.





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